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A common misconception about insurance is that you only have to take out a policy once and forget about it. And while that certainly is an option, it could expose you to the risk of slipping through gaps in your insurance coverage that you didn't account for. In contrast, making an effort to frequently review your insurance policies allows you to evaluate whether your present coverage is sufficient or if other insurance products cater to your evolving needs. This ensures that both you and your loved ones are adequately protected if the worst were to occur. With that in mind,..
Accidents and illnesses can occur at any time - but for skilled tradespeople, who frequently work in dangerous environments, they're more likely to occur than for other professionals. Whether it's working with power tools and machinery or at great heights, or around large, fast-moving vehicles or handling hazardous materials, the risk of injury and/or illness is ever-present. With this in mind, it's important for tradies to consider how they'd be able to afford their monthly outgoings, and, where applicable, support their family, in the event they became seriously injured or ill – and unable to work. In this post, we..
What is trauma insurance? Trauma insurance, also called critical illness insurance, gives you a one-time payment if you have a major illness or injury. It is intended to help you cover your living expenses while you recover from your illness or injury, as well as costs associated with your rehabilitation, such as medical bills, therapy, etc. There are generally no restrictions on what you can spend the pay out on. Additionally, trauma payout does not generally attract tax. Let's look at trauma insurance in greater detail, including what it covers, how it compares to TPD and life insurance, and what..
While several variables help determine the cost of your life insurance policy, perhaps none has a bigger effect than age.  This post examines the factors that influence life insurance cost by age and why this is the case. How do life insurance rates by age in AU work? Life insurance rates refer to the cost of a life insurance policy. Life insurance rates are mainly determined by two factors:       Your personal circumstances       The type of premiums you opt for The personal circumstances that determine your life insurance rates include:   Age: quite simply, the..
Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and you. It promises to give a certain amount of money to someone you choose after you die. Life insurance is an effective and popular way to provide your loved ones with financial protection after you're gone. Life insurance payout can help your beneficiary with immediate expenses after your death. These expenses may include funeral costs and medical bills. Additionally, life insurance can also cover ongoing financial responsibilities. This includes rent or mortgage payments as well as daily living expenses. It can also cover ongoing financial responsibilities like rent or mortgage payments..
How will you earn an income if you're afflicted with an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work for an extended period? In this post, we look at income protection policies for sole traders and how they safeguard your income if you get hurt or sick.