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Mortgage & Finance

What is refinancing? Refinancing is the process of moving your home loan from one lender to another. Throughout the process of taking out a mortgage with a new lender, there are multiple different loan products to choose from. To understand all the different loan products with each individual lender, you need to conduct thorough research. In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide of how to refinance your home loan, the benefits of refinancing, and how to make the process as smooth as possible. Benefits of refinancing your home loan Before you consider how to refinance your home loan, it's..
With the cost of living steadily growing and interest rates continuing to rise, hundreds of thousands of people across Australia are suffering from mortgage stress, i,e., the pressure to meet their home loan repayments. Fortunately, offset accounts have emerged as an increasingly popular way to reduce their monthly repayments.
When applying for a home loan, the first decision to consider is to go directly to a bank or to find a mortgage broker. While banks give home loans directly, mortgage brokers help borrowers connect with lenders and compare offers from different banks Let's look at the benefits of using a mortgage broker vs a bank for a home loan and which is best for your circumstances and financial situation. The pros and cons of using a mortgage broker Let's begin by looking at the benefits of a mortgage broker versus a bank, and the drawbacks. Pros of working with..
When purchasing a property, you generally have two options. On the one hand, you can go directly to the various lenders to compare all their mortgage rates and options yourself. On the other,  you can enlist the advice and services of a mortgage broker. So, the question is, what is a mortgage broker, and what exactly do they do, and why you need a mortgage broker? This post addresses those questions as well as why you should use a mortgage broker when you're looking to buy a property. What is a mortgage broker? A mortgage broker is an individual or company..
So you’ve decided it’s time to have your own place, and are looking to buy a new house. At this stage, it’s important to figure out what your options are with regards to financing. For the uninitiated, this can be severely time-consuming and even after plenty of research, there’s a chance that your research simply isn’t enough to know the complexities.