Life Insurance

Ensure your family is cared for if the unexpected happens. K Partners provides life insurance packages tailored to your unique family and personal situation.

Take control of your family's financial future in the event you are not there

K Partners are dedicated to providing tailored insurance advice to suit your specific needs. Life insurance is generally taken out to ensure your financial dependents are left with enough money to maintain their lifestyle in your absence

How much Life Insurance do you need?

Calculate how much life insurance you might need to help protect the people you love if you pass away, in just a few minutes

...Tell us a bit about yourself
How old are you?
...Your Assets
What is the total of your disposable assets ( E.g. Superannuation balance, Savings, Investments, etc. )
...Your Liabilities
How much of your debt do you want to cover in the event of your premature death?
...Lastly, let us know your expected income for you family after you pass away
How much income do you want to replace for your family per year in the event of your premature death?
How many years do you want to provide you family with an income?
How much income do you wish to leave behind for education expenses for your children each year?
How many years do you want provide the education expense?

Protect what matters most to you

Let K Partners’ insurance experts help you find the right coverage for your needs

Why Choose Life Insurance From K Partners Accountants & Financial Advisers?

K Partners works with a wide number of professions and financial portfolios to help clients select the best life insurance policy for their situation. We have a long history of assisting clients ranging from engineers and electricians to lawyers and medical practitioners in securing their financial security and peace of mind.

With over twenty years of experience, K Partners life insurance advisers guide clients to select the most adequate benefit amount based on their financial position protection. We also review the level of coverage on an ongoing basis to ensure it can cover outstanding debts or provide an income stream for your family after your passing.

K Partners life insurance consultants will review


What is the right amount of coverage

The higher the benefit amount you are insured for, the higher the cost. We aim to conduct a detailed analysis to understand the amount of cover you need to protect your family.


What is the best contract

Each insurer offers different contract terms as far as the definitions of how you qualify for a benefit payment. We have access to research that will ensure that you select the most appropriate contract for your profession.


What is the most cost-effective insurance contract

We have access to all Australian retail insurers, and compare the cost to ensure that we select the most suitable contract at the lowest price.


What if I want to make changes later

As circumstances change with debt repayment and your financial dependents’ situations change (for example, children getting older), it is essential to review the terms of your contract and the amount of selected coverage. K Partners offers a regular review of your policy, with an annual scheduled check-in to verify if plans need to be adjusted.

General information regarding Life Insurance

  • Life insurance benefit is paid to the beneficiary when you have passed away
  • Life insurance is generally the cheapest insurances compared to Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection or Trauma
  • Life insurance can be funded personally or through your superannuation fund / SMSF. There are different tax treatments in the event of a claim based on who your beneficiary is
  • Life insurance costs are generally determined by your age, your lifestyle, your health and required cover amount


All above information is not based on your personal goal, objectives or circumstances. The information is only provided as an indicative tool and have pre-set general parameters that may not be suitable for you. You should seek personal financial advice before acquiring any insurance products to ensure it is appropriate for your needs. The K Partners financial planning team provides personalised insurance advice.

What Is The K Partners Approach To Life insurance?


1. Initial Meeting

This meeting will be to determine if you are eligible for and require life insurance cover. As we move forward, we’ll explain how a life insurance policy works and the benefits it provides. When you leave this meeting, you will have all the information to decide if you wish to engage with us.


2. Fact-finding meeting

This is an opportunity to understand your current financial position, including your income, your expenses, your financial position, and your debts.


3. Researching

Our team will research available options after you agree to work with K Partners. We use our expertise, experience, research and cutting-edge software to develop your insurance plan.


4. Advice Presentation

During this presentation we review research results and potential strategies and present our insurance advice to you. This meeting will answer any outstanding questions you may have.


5. Insurance Implementation

Once you are comfortable and understand every aspect of the advice, you can ask as to start the implementation process. This involves submitting your application to the insurer and managing it to its completion.


6. Ongoing Review and Support

We understand that circumstances change, and as part of our ongoing services we review your insurance plan on regular basis to ensure it is suitable. In the event of a potential claim we are your main point of contact and ensure that your claim is processed in the most efficient manner.

Protect what matters most to you

Let K-Partners’ Insurance experts help you find the right coverage for your needs

12 May 2023

Does age affect life insurance cost?

While several variables help determine the cost of your life insurance policy, perhaps none has a bigger effect than age.  This post examines the factors that influence life insurance cost...

Does age affect life insurance cost?