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A Self Managed Super Fund is a private superannuation fund that can be managed by you. That means that you decide where your money is invested, and that you’re also obligated to comply with the relevant super and tax laws.

Setting up a Self Managed Super Fund is a financial strategy that can help you manage your financial future, providing a powerful retirement wealth vehicle.

Is a SMSF right for you?

We’ll help you understand whether the following potential SMSF benefits could be a good fit for you:

  • The SMSF can support your tax effectiveness strategies;
  • Enjoy the flexibility to make timely investment decisions based on market conditions
  • Nominate up to four fund members (e.g. your family) to increase savings and minimise fees;
  • Lower fees compared to industry and commercial funds (depending on your balance);
  • Flexible pension planning;
  • Control and flexibility in estate planning;
  • Ability to directly borrow and invest in real estate. SMSFs are able to borrow to invest directly in residential and commercial property;
  • Small business owners may be able to lease their business premise property from their SMSF, improving business cash flow while holding a valuable asset that should appreciate.

Working with SMSF Accounting Specialists

K Partners offers a seamless service integration to support your SMSF. With expertise in accounting, investment advice, administration and compliance, we provide effective and intelligent solutions to help you maximise your wealth.

The SMSF service includes:

  • SMSF set up
  • Administration and compliance
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Managing the external audit of accounts
  • Investment strategy creation and implementation based on financial goals
  • Portfolio construction
  • Ongoing portfolio management
  • Risk insurance
  • Borrowing through SMSF.

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