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Financial planning is a continuous strategic process designed to help you achieve financial goals in the short and long-term.

Is financial advice for you?

Do you sometimes feel anxious about where you’re heading financially?  You’re not alone. Most recent surveys suggest that up to a third of Australians feel financially stressed.

Many of us would like to be in a stronger financial position, but lack the tools or knowledge to make it happen. That’s where trusted financial advice can be so valuable.

We have a qualified team of financial advisers who are passionate about proving high quality advice that will have a positive impact on your financial health. We are determined to deliver a customised service that is easy to understand, gives peace of mind and provides clear direction.

What’s involved in financial planning

To start, it’s crucial that we get to know the real you – your financial situation, goals, urgent priorities and outside factors.

The K Partners financial planning process has six simple steps:

  1. You provide your financial data for us to assess;
  2. We define your financial goals, objectives and potential barriers;
  3. A comprehensive analysis of your financial situation is completed to build appropriate strategies that will work for you;
  4. Recommendations are presented to you, along with a Statement of Advice detailing our analysis;
  5. We review these recommendations together and make any necessary adjustments;
  6. The Implementation stage allows us to put these strategies into action for you.

In our experience, clients find clarity, direction and answers through our financial advice. Often for the first time, you’ll finally have the answers to the financial questions that have been troubling you. Expect to find out:

  • In how many years you can expect to be debt free
  • What your surplus income should be
  • When you can start your next investment
  • Whether you’re getting the most out of your super fund
  • Whether you’re eligible for government concessions or rebates
  • Whether your insurance would cover you if you were unable to work

Financial Planning Stages

Financial planning offers benefits for many types of people at all ages and stages of life. Talk to us about your financial goals and find out more about what to expect.

Starting Fresh is perfect for anyone who is new to financial advice or whose circumstances have recently changed, opening the opportunity for a financial refresh.

You may be working full time and recognise the importance of having your money work harder for you.  Perhaps you’re unsure about how to budget and aiming to start a consistent savings or investment plan.

The best way to achieve financial security is through a well-structured plan, formulated by financial professionals. For tailored advice on how best to grow, manage and protect your assets, book in for a free financial health check.

Scaling Up is ideal for anyone who is somewhat advanced in his or her financial journey but wants to create more wealth. For example, you may have purchased your home and are actively paying down your home loan.

Perhaps you have some extra income and are unsure about how best to use it. It’s time to look at your options and objectively assess the best way forward.

We’ll consider paying down any debt, investing in the share market or looking at investment properties, depending on your goals.

K Partners will help you assess your options and select the most appropriate strategy. These investment solutions are tailored to your financial circumstances, with your risk appetite in mind. We believe that wealth can be built through a well-diversified portfolio combining managed investment accounts, direct investments such as property, and superannuation management.

Our Winding Down financial planning clients are advanced in their financial and career journeys and now looking forward to retirement, with more time to spend with family, travelling and just enjoying life.

The K Partners team is highly experienced in helping you plan for and enjoy your well-earned retirement. We take your complete financial situation into account and work with you to create comprehensive strategies to achieve your retirement income goal – one that will have you comfortably living the lifestyle you deserve for many years to come.

K Partners Pty Ltd. is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 359752) of InterPrac Financial Planning Pty Ltd (AFSL no. 246638)

Frequently Asked Questions

This figure will depend on 2 factors. When you wish to retire and on the amount you would like to spend in retirement. We use these variables to work out your required retirement superannuation/investment amount, then look at your existing arrangements and provide you with a projected balance. This is a very simple and powerful approach to getting you to act on your retirement plan.

Our advice service is available by the hour and prices start at $330, so you can’t use cost as an excuse. The more you get us to do for you the higher the cost.

We’ve taken the complexity out of investing and can offer a simple way to enter the market. We offer a simple DIY guide on how to start as well as a comprehensive investment management service if you would like to outsource it to us.

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